Monday, June 15, 2009


WELCOME TO MY WORLD, WHEN MY BODY ALLOWS I ''WORK THE WOOD, my shop was built in 1996, it was the first thing i did before i started on our house, it is 30x20 with 10 foot walls and open is primarily stocked with delta wood working tools, and besides my family, is the joy of my life, I've enjoyed making furniture for my home as well as gifts for family and friends, id have to say its a very comfy space to work in..i keep a small refrigerator stocked with cool drinks and sometimes bacon and eggs for the wood stove in the winter...when I'm not in the house , this is usually where I'm at..summers are pretty much to hot for much work , except for early morning or in the middle of the night...which I've done ...if your in the neighborhood and want to make some saw dust..stop on by...there is a small sign inside the shop above the door that says gentlemen....but if you are of the female persuasion and can run a saw...come on in.

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