Wednesday, June 10, 2009


hello family and friends, im not sure what ive done here..i created another blogg...maybe i didnt blogg enough this last year..and it made me create another one...well so be it...i am going to just do an update on what has benn happening since new years basicly..and with the proding from my daughter in law konae...i will try to do better at blogging...ive tried to make good use of my time...when i have felt good and could work in the shop , i have....ive done sevreal projects this year and will only post a few...catching up could prove problematic in that posting it all would take just to much time....the main project ive done latley was an anniversary gift for susan, i made her a jewlery has 18 drawers and has places to hang her necklaces...its made from red cedar, oak and took 5 weeks to hour here and a hour there.....thats how i get projects done...ive learned paticence from this method...but ive also sometimes pushe myself to hard and paid the still learning , as we all here is a few pictures of it....grizzman

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