Friday, September 25, 2009

more shop pictures and my overwhelming amount of wood

here are additional pictures of the shop and my overwhelming amount of wood...when i first moved here and built the shop and our home, i needed wood. the need for wood became an obsestion and the idea was to create custom rustic furniture that i would sell to make a living, well.....things have a way of changing , even though it was not as you had planed...with two back surgerys...a fusion and the fact that my back did not become became worse....the whole furniture idea went down the drain....and i have been adjusting day by day.....i do my wood working when my body allows and so at this rate...the amount of wood that i have will last through the this is my shop...and all of the other buildings you see are full of old wood...mostly antique southern heart pine...old oak.....and cedar....thanks for looking at my world..besides my family, it is what sustains my sanity.....grizzman

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